By Piyatat Hemmatat

I have always considered photography to be a discipline centered around "the presence of this versus the absence of that"... In the beginning was the word and the word was FRAME. The how and the why the frame falls and finds and describes the fields of our interest. Introduce notions of focal length, perspective social conditioning and we arrive at a visual semiology that speaks for itself. A new language, if you will. A language spoken by a photographer become his manifesto proclaiming his SEARCH. 
What we 'see' in the photography is what is 'sought'......Directed by the sublime, the untouchable desires of the SELF, a man, a Piyatat Hemmatat, drifts through the vast ocean of an infinite city. A city of infinite motions, and the film is flooded with a human light. This can only happen for a very short time.......maybe 1/250 of a second.......not that the time taken out from reality leaves a very large, absent VOID.
These photographs, paired in a sexual kind of reflection, are then either what remains or what is lost from that time in the galaxy. Our eyes hear the sound of the shutter......CLICK. 
Ralph Gibson 
New York, 2012
11:11 ‘Exploration of mysterious encounters & Parallel universes in this digital age’. Bangkok: RMA Institute, 2012 
Price 900 Baht
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