Ordinary / Extraordinary
By Manit Sriwanichpoom

(in English and Japanese)
Book size 21 x 17 cm
156 pages
Published in 2007
Publisher: Kathmandu Photo Gallery
ISBN:  978-974-88160-8-1
“With ‘Ordinary/Extraordinary’, one is confronted by a wall of faces.  Spare, black and white portraits lit from above.  Ordinary people etched by a simple but dramatic light source that brings out the uniqueness of each one person.  Labourer Nivat, who looks like he’s just stepped out of a temple mural; housewife Na Dokmai (“Auntie Flores”), with her haunting Amerindian shaman face; lost-looking Na Haeng (“Auntie Dry”), who washes clothes for a living; 22 year old plumber Mekh (“Cloud”) of the sad eyes; five year old Earth whose sphinx-like presence holds all the answers to all the riddles that ever were… Each unique face weaves its enchantment and sings its own song, of unique joys and secrets and concerns.  There are no bells and whistles here, no gimmicky mindgames; just really beautiful photographs.  
Because more than anything else, they are true works of art.  We are made to pause, to look, to really see.  With his quiet spirit and mastery of his medium, Manit is bringing us a priceless gift: he is recalling from the depths of our being the sensitivity to see.”
Ing K, Introduction, Ordinary / Extraordinary
Price 850 Baht
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